Army Combat Veteran Jeff Dove Endorsed by Green Beret Delegate Nick Freitas

Failure in Richmond is not an option and Dove – Is the best choice to represent the 51st District

Manassas – Republican House of Delegates Candidate Jeff Dove today announced the endorsement of Delegate Nick Freitas(R-30) in the race for Virginia’s 51st district.

Delegate Freitas who most recently was the GOP nominee for the House of Representatives in District 7 as well as his continued service to the Commonwealth in the House of Delegates has shown his support for Jeff Dove in his race.

“As someone who serves in Richmond, I know what type of person it takes to be successful and get the job done for your constituents,” Freitas said. “Jeff Dove has shown that he is the right person for this job. His unwavering conservative values have been shown throughout his political career. Jeff’s campaign has been focused on returning excellence to Richmond and I know he will be a Delegate that does whatever is required of him in the best interest of his constituents.”

“Thanks to the support of Delegate Freitas our coalition continues to grow. I will take this seat back and make sure that the Commonwealth of Virginia starts a path towards excellence” Dove said.

Dove continues to push for Virginia Excellence. His campaign is built on ensuring the Virginia economy starts up again after Covid-19 by focusing on small businesses and opening our schools immediately.

“Being in the middle of the pack or the bottom half as it relates to our economic recovery or our kids’ education is unacceptable.  Virginia needs to change what’s going on in Richmond the current style of leadership is not doing what is in the best interest of Virginians.” Dove said.