Army Combat Veteran Jeff Dove Endorsed by Super Bowl Champion Congressman Burgess Owens

Virginia Cannot Become a Failed State and Dove – Is the best person to represent the 51st District

Manassas – Republican House of Delegates Candidate Jeff Dove today announced the endorsement of Super Bowl Champion and Congressman Burgess Owens (UT-4) in the race for Virginia’s 51st district.

Congressman Owens who won a Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders as well as most recently flipping Utah’s 4th Congressional District in 2020 as the GOP nominee for the House of Representatives has shown his support for Jeff Dove in his race.

“As someone who is in public service, I have seen what kind of people do best when it comes to serving their communities,” Owens said. “Jeff Dove is the right person at the right time to help and lead Virginia away from the brink it finds itself based on one party rule. His conservative beliefs have shaped every aspect of his life and he will take that into governing. Jeff’s campaign is dead set on making sure that Virginia gets to a level of excellence that has not been reached before.”

“Thanks to the support of Congressman Owens our national coalition continues to build momentum. This seat will return to the Republican party and we will end the one-party rule that has made our state one that is languishing in mediocrity” Dove said.

Dove continues to push for Virginia Excellence. His campaign is built on ensuring the Virginia economy starts up again after Covid-19 by focusing on small businesses and opening our schools immediately.

“Sitting in the bottom half of states as it relates to our overall Covid response is unacceptable. Virginia is in desperate need of change and I believe that I can be an agent for positive change” Dove said.